Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

Parsons Cemetery is today both operational and historic.  It is an urban green space, an outdoor museum, and in the words of architectural historian, Keith Eggener, urban cemeteries "are where life meets death, nature meets city, and present meets past."​




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parsons Cemetery (MDPACS)                       Ceremony On: 12/18/21

912 N. Division St                                             Ceremony At: 9:30 AM
Salisbury, MD 21801                                         Details:

Veteran Graves: 1300                                      Location Coordinator: Jeff Merritt
Coverage Goal: 1300                                      Location Phone Number: (410) 713-8940

Fundraising Message:  Wreaths Across America (WAA) is announcing a wreath matching campaign for its registered Sponsorship Groups that is open now, and will run through Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. This campaign is only for veterans' wreaths sponsored through a local WAA Sponsorship Group in your area.​                          

NEW:  All 1300 known Veterans of Parsons Cemetery have been identified along with their service under a new page

Parsons' Heroes and Veterans

along with a map prepared by the

Salisbury University Department of Geography & Geosciences 

PARKING / On December 18th the Cemetery will be closed to all cars other than those with handicap parking permits.  Those cars will be given access from Hickory Lane and directed by volunteers to parking.  Volunteers using golf carts can ferry them to the ceremonial area and back to their cars afterwards.  This traffic closure is for the safety of all participants once the ceremony begins.  Off-site parking is available on side streets, at North Salisbury Elementary and Bethesda United Methodist Church Parking. Shuttle volunteers will pick up passengers periodically at a designated spot and bring them to the front of the cemetery where the procession will start forming at 9:30am. From there the processional walk is about 4/10's of a mile.  And volunteer golf carts can ferry visitors from the shuttle drop off directly to the ceremonial area if needed.  

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"where life meets death, nature meets city, and present meets past"

Source:Keith Eggener, architectural historian and author of the book “Cemeteries 

Thank you for visiting our website and our Facebook Page.  Both our website and Facebook Page will be continuously updated with new information, historical information, pictures and videos. We invite you to send us your information on the cemetery and your loved ones, information that we can share with others. 

On July 2, 2020, the Preservation Maryland surprised Parsons Cemetery with both a nomination and award with one of four Community Choice Awards s part of their Best of Maryland Awards 


Parsons Cemetery in Salisbury, Maryland is an historic operational cemetery, an urban green space, an outdoor museum, and in the words of architectural historian, Keith Eggener, a place where “life meets death, nature meets city, and present meets past.” The six-member volunteer committee is inspired by those words and diligently works towards creating a site of reverence and culture by offering self-guided walking tours based on their on-going historical and genealogical research, maintaining the 18 acres of sacred grounds and the promise of perpetual care, and filling their lively Facebook page with incredible and enduring stories of Maryland history. For these reasons, Preservation Maryland is pleased to honor and recognize the work of the past and current Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee with a 2020 Best of Maryland Community Choice Award.​

The Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee Members, comprised of six volunteers, were appreciative and honored to have their work recognized by Preservation Maryland.


Records of Parsons Cemetery

26 Handwritten Ledgers dating from the 1870s to 2011

Archived and made Publicly Available Online

Compliments of the Nabb Research Center 

​Salisbury University, Salisbury Maryland


Parsons Cemetery (MDPACS)
 Wreaths across America 2021

10 am December 18th, 2021

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