Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

Historic cemeteries are celebrated for their abundant art  and architecture with a special emphasis on symbolism.  When you visit Parsons Cemetery you will find common religious symbols, flowers, vocations and avocations. 

Religious symbols found include angels, crosses, Greek text IHS  the first three letters of Jesus's name (occasionally intertwined where they unintentionally resemble a dollar sign), hands, photographs, secret societies (Free Masons) and lambs. (symbol of Christ).

 Roses and flower symbols reflecting beauty, love, and purity.

Ivy reflects immortality and fidelity.

Trees reflect the Tree of Life.

Vocation and avocation symbols include  military and public service, all types of sports, motorcycles, fishing, boating, and other. 

Architecture includes both obelisk and urns, both Victorian-era symbols of death adopted from Egyptian motif copied by the Romans.  Colonial, classical, victorian and modern style head stones, grave markers, and monuments reflect the cultural changes through the years. 

The Parsons Cemetery Advisory Board has carefully duplicated the older architectural style of the Parson Family, the Benjamin Parsons grave-site with a tablet-style and brick monument for his wife, followed by the brick cemetery entrance walls, wrought iron gates, and bronze tablets  gifted in 1967 by Alison J. Parsons in honor of his ancestors and parents buried there.  The newer columbarium area, administrative building and waterfront Parsons Memorial Walkway continue the style and materials used by the Parsons..

Art and Architecture