Parsons Cemetery

Est 1873

Cemetery Rules

Parsons Cemetery Rules and Regulations

In an effort to maintain the beauty and dignity of our loved ones' final resting place, Parsons Cemetery has established the following rules and regulations.

1. The gates are opened every morning, and closed every evening, year round. The time of closing the gates, and the cemetery, is at sunset.

2. Purchasing of lots, and issuing of deeds for those spaces, gives the buyer the right to be buried in those spaces. At no time is the buyer the owner of the property. If for any reason the buyer wishes to transfer the deed to someone else, the deed must be re-done, and a new deed will be issued. This must be done with the cemetery manager, and the changes made part of the permanent file.

3. Given the number of loved ones in our care, and the number of visitors we have each day, the cemetery can not, and will not be responsible for the theft of or damage to personal items, memorials/vases on cemetery grounds.

4. Please use only the cemetery roadways when operating your vehicle. Parking or driving on lawns is prohibited.

5. While we recognize the importance and position of pets in many families, we ask that you respect the sanctity of the cemetery. Visiting dogs must be on a leash, and the owner is responsible for cleaning up after his/her pet. Local leash laws apply.

6. Hunting and fishing on the cemetery grounds are not permitted.

7. Floral arrangements are allowed outside the subsurface vase from November 15 until April 15. All arrangements are put on grave sites at the property owner's risk. Please use discretion when placing arrangements. All holiday decorations must be removed prior to February 1.

8. Flower arrangements and other decorations left after a funeral service will be left in place for up to one week, after which time any arrangements or other items will be removed by cemetery grounds staff.

9. The use of breakable items (i.e., glass vases, glass containers, porcelain, etc.) is not permitted. Breakable items post a hazard to cemetery visitors, our maintenance crew, and maintenance equipment. For the same reason, we ask that you not use wire, wire pins, or place rods of any kind in the vase or at the graveside.

10. While we recognize that taste is an individual matter, we reserve the right to remove from grave sites any items which have deteriorated, which are contrary to cemetery regulations, or do not contribute to the beauty and dignity of the cemetery. We will not be held responsible for such items which may be removed.

11. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

12. Transfer of cemetery property and issuance of deeds can only be done during our regular business hours. Deeds are processed within 30 days of transfer, or when account is paid in full.

13. Anyone caught stealing from grave sites or defacing cemetery property and/or grounds will be subject to criminal prosecution to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

14. This entire set of rules and regulations will be available upon request and are subject to change without notice.

15. No marker, monument, vase, bench, mausoleum, or any other items may be placed on graves without authorization by the manager of the cemetery. This approval must be done in writing, and attached to the cemetery file. Markers, monument, and benches should be granite or marble. Mausoleums will are not permitted in the Water’s Edge section.

16. Dealers or contractors who erect, install, construct, or deliver materials within the cemetery shall be responsible for compliance with cemetery rules and regulations.

17. Cemetery monuments must not be cleaned with corrosive chemicals or power washed, since these treatments cause erosion of the finish. The State of Maryland recommends the following products: D-2, Orvus WA Paste, and Enviro Kleen ReVive, which will not harm the monument's surface.

18. No outside contractor may perform work in the Cemetery, such as opening/closing grave or inurnment sites or cleaning monuments, without written permission from the cemetery manager.

19. All funeral directors must complete the authorization form, and graves must be located and marked by the manager of the cemetery 48 hours prior to service.

20. All graves must be opened/closed by the cemetery-contracted vault company.

21. Each grave must have an outer burial container. This may be constructed of concrete, metal, or plastic, and be an approved outer burial container.

22. Only one section is approved for double depth burials . Additional charges apply for double depth burials. Please contact the Cemetery Manager for details.

23. The Memorial Walkway section by Water's Edge includes a formal garden with permanent memorials.  Scattering of ashes in this area is prohibited by public law due to its close proximity to the water.  Questions should be directed to the Cemetery Manager.

These rules and regulations have been created to help our commitment to you and to provide quality perpetual care for your loved ones in their final place of rest. We hope they offer you meaningful guidance, as we work together to maintain the heritage of Parsons Cemetery for now and for the future.

Draft April 2016