Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives


Parsons Cemetery Tombstone Project Sections 1 through 8. 

Records of Parsons Cemetery 1870-2011

26 Handwritten Ledgers including lot sale records, burial record ledgers, lot information booklets, lot owner binders, and more.

Veterans of Parsons Cemetery

New Compilation of all known veterans resting in Parsons by Dr. Brent A Zaprowski, Salisbury University, to include Methodology and Statistics by Branch, by War, and listed in alphabetical order with a general layout of Parsons Cemetery to assist in locating them  Additionally, in the Last Name column you will find these characters where appropriate:  

  • *denotes killed in action
  • **denotes died in service
  • A = veteran is still living

This list is current as of June 4, 2020,  Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee continues to seek information on those resting here and appreciates all information supp;lied by families and loved ones.   

Wicomico County Tombstone Transcription Project

Wicomico County Genealogy Trails

Find A Grave

Dryden, Ruth T. The Parsons Family of Maryland Genealogy, Reference Copies Maryland Room Wicomico Public Library and Nabb Center, 1993

Jacob, John E.  Graveyards and Gravestones of Wicomico Co., Willow Bend Books 2003