How to Use the Self-Guided Walking Tours 

Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

  •  Each Tour has its own powerpoint presentation converted to a jpg image and posted as a slide show.  These show differently on different electronic devices, a problem that we are working to resolve.  If you touch the slide you can save it, and once saved you can enlarge it for reading. 
  • Each powerpoint slide identifies a grave or graves by the name of the deceased.
  • Rather then create a map for each tour, one map has been created with all the deceased names featured in each tour combined and placed in alphabetical order to form a primary legend.
  • The primary alphabetical legend is numbered 1 through 73.
  • The primary alphabetical legend is also color coded to indicate the tour or tours this deceased individual is included in, for example: Gen. Amos W. W. Woodcock is number 73 and he is included in two tours, The Historic Section Tour is colored Red and the Military Tour is colored dark blue.  His #73 will be a white number on a red field placed on the map in a block of graves where he rests.  The map scale is each block contains 24 graves.  So yes, you will have to look around this block to find the exact gravesite.  Parsons plans to add GPS coordinates in the future. 
  • The Map:  A hard copy of the map with the primary legend will be available at the new Informational Kiosk located to your right on entry through the main gate.  An electronic version of the map is posted to this page for your use at any time.
  • Use the legend to locate the alphabetical listed name of the deceased person for their number and the color for the type of tour(s).  
  • Match this number to a location on the map.  Make a note as to which Avenue and Crossover streets the grave is near.   Then count the number of rows and blocks to arrive at the block of graves this particular grave is located in.
  • The Informational Kiosk is double sided, if you step around to the back side, you will find individual tour legends.  These are similar to the main legend but provides a little more information about the deceased individual and cross references the name and number with the slide number for that particular tour.  This will help you more quickly find the gravesite using pictures.  
  • Using your smart phone or tablet together with the each Tour's powerpoint slides should assist you in both finding the grave and learning more about the deceased individual buried there. 
  • Again, when using your smart phone this presentation may present itself differently, we are working on correcting this problem.  But, most will allow you to save the jpg slide.  Once saved, you can open the picture and enlarge it for reading purposes. 

There is one other way to use these slides and map, you can plan your trip to the cemetery in advance and mix and match the tours to create your own personal walking tour.  

Finally, Parsons Cemetery Volunteers can provide a Guided Walking Tour for a group on request.  Please send a request to Parsons Cemetery.

‚ÄčThank you.  Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee