Parsons Cemetery's  Virtual Kiosk Walking Tour

Parsons Cemetery's Historic Section Virtual Tour Invitation

Please come join us at the main gate where you will find an information kiosk

The Kiosk holds a map supporting our Self-Guided Walking Tours and other information, but you won't need this, just continue down the lane until you come to a cross over lane on your left, but head just a little bit further down the lane and you will notice a very large marble cross situated in a very large lot.   

You have now arrived at Gov. E. E. Jackson Family Plot which contains our first informational observation kiosk.  Did you know that Gov Jackson's monument is marked Tiffany Studio, NY NY?  Enjoy all the art and vegetation, did you know that in the Victorian Era family plots were often curbed and landscaped.  The curbing is still here and some of the plantings remain.  Also featured are the close by graves of Salisbury's first fire chief, Dr. L. Sydney Bell, the Doody family's Tennessee pink marble column - the tallest monument in the cemetery, and the rare zinc Booth monument , marketed in its day a "White Bronze."


Now please turn around and walk back toward the street, a short distance, until you are at the crossover, you are now in the oldest part of the cemetery where Benjamin Parsons rests with his family and Dr. William Holloway, Founder of Salisbury University.  Once at the Circle you will find the Bishops Circle Kiosk and the history of these individuals and others, civil war veterans, a veteran of the War of 1812, and more art.  and headed toward Bishops Circle, .

Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

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