Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

Parsons Cemetery Invites You
to explore the historic section identified on the

Map as old part (OP) and highlighted in yellow

This Tour is specifically designed to work with bus tours and assumes the bus will drop off walkers at the main entrance for a one hour visitation period

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This section radiates out from the Benjamin Parsons Family Plot near Bishops Circle

However, the history of those resting in Parsons Cemetery does not stop in the Historic Section, rather it continues to the waterfront, 4/5 mile walk from N. Division Street.  The Through the Centuries: Continuing the Historic Walking Tour Throughout Parsons Cemetery Tour takes you forward to today and is better suited for those with more time and individual transportation.

Parsons Cemetery is still an operational cemetery, and we ask you respect funerals in progress and privacy for those attending or visiting specific graves.    

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