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Question:  Is Benjamin Parsons related to John B. Parsons, a millionaire businessman originally from Wicomico County who left a liberal endowment to create a retirement home for aged women in Salisbury,  Founder of the John B. Parsons Home for the Aged, Lemmon Hill Salisbury MD. 

Answer:  Benjamin Parsons and John B. Parsons are 3rd cousins twice removed.

As you may have noticed, none of our benefactors have direct descendants.  If you are a descendant of John Parsons's son Peter and grandson Peter and are one of their cousins or distant cousins, we would very much like to recognize you as such in an upcoming July 9th, 2017 re-dedication.  There are no obligations or expectations involved, however, if there is history you would like to share, we would love to have it.  Parsons Cemetery uses Ramaker & Associatess, Inc. Cemetery Information Management System (CIMS) for maintaining operational records of the cemetery.  All information in the database is linked to a digital (GPS) cemetery map, which is updated constantly.  The system will allow Parsons to include considerable data about those resting in Parsons including pictures that support geneaology research.  This data is not currently online, but will be once we have entered enough  information to justify it.  Please if you  have information, go back to our contacts and contact our webpage manager or another Committee Member.  Thank you.

The Parsons Family

Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

The Parsons Cemetery has three major Parsons Family Benefactors:

Benjamin Parsons gifted farm property to St. Peters Episcopal Church for use as a cemetery in 1873.  Benjamin had already opened his family cemetery to community members and graves predate 1873.  The cemetery then as now is open to all.

Alison J. Parsons, a cousin, donated the Cemetery’s entrances in 1967 to honor his parents and ancestors resting therein.

George W. Parsons, another cousin, bequeathed substantial funding to the Parsons Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, managed by the Community Foundation of Eastern Shore.

To assist you in determining whether you too are a Parsons desendant of  ancestor, John Parsons 1600's, we are providing the genealogy of our three benefactors.  We worked with obituaries and the wonderfully thorough research of Ruth Dryden.  The Parsons Family of Maryland Genealogy was compiled by Ruth T. Dryden 1993, and there is a reference copy in the Maryland Room of the Wicomico County Main Library.  Remember these are only three, her book has hundreds. 

Benjamin Parsons
Alison J. Parsons
George W. Parsons

John Parsons 1600’s
John Parsons 1600’s
John Parsons 1600’s
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
Peter Parsons 1658-1687
George Parsons 1708-1782
George Parsons 1708-1782
John Parsons 1704-1758
William Parsons 1733-1793
George Parsons 1734-1809
John Parsons 1736-1795
William Parsons Jr. 1767-1843
Jehu Parsons 1780-1859
Peter Parsons 1762-1823
Benjamin 1789-1873
Alison Chapman Parsons 1818-1868
Peter Ritchie Parsons 1792-1830
No Descendants
Jehu T. Parsons 1849-1916
George Parsons 1821-1880

Alison J. (Jehu) Parsons 1899-1983
Joseph W (W. Joseph) Parsons 1857

No Descendants
George W. (William) Parsons 1916-2000

No Descendants