Parsons Cemetery  EST 1873

Preserving History Remembering Lives

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​Parsons Cemetery Invites You 

to explore the history of those resting in all parts of  Parsons Cemetery by adding or combining

The 1800's: Parsons Cemetery Historic Section Walking (Bus) Tour

with this 

Through the Centuries: Continuing the Historic Walking Tour Throughout Parsons Cemetery Tour​​

Together these two Tours explore histories of some of those resting throughout the cemetery from the 1800's through today.  And, it is better suited for those with more time then allowed during a bus tour and for those with personal transportation.

With over 13,000 graves and much history lost to the ages, the Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee continues to hear suggestions from families and others.  As we have explained elsewhere, we must rely on families to share information with us so we can both use it in developing future walking tour additions and to record in our Cemetery Information Management System's (CIMS) genealogy database.  The Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee expects to release the CIMS genealogy feature to the public as soon as it is populated adequately to support both the cost and the interest. 

At this time we are working on developing additional slides for these deceased individuals resting in Parsons Cemetery for inclusion in our walking tours: 

  • ​George W. Parsons, Benefactor
  • ​Shirley Elaine Ward Reeves, Benefactor
  • ​Ruth T. Bennett, Benefactor
  • ​James M. Bennett, Educational Leader
  • ​H. Brewington, Musician

And we welcome your suggestions.