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Visitors often ask where can we find the grave of John Purnell Chatham, Medal of Honor Recipient?  Is there really a horse buried in Parsons?  Tell us about the Civil War Veterans resting in Parsons.  Who were the Parsons?  Who were the Jacksons? How old is the cemetery?  How old is the oldest grave site?  Why is this grave site older than the cemetery?  Is the cemetery still operational?  Who manages the cemetery?

The Parsons Cemetery Advisory Committee (6 volunteers) heard you and we are trying to answer those questions.  Not an easy task considering the age of the cemetery and the fact that it was a family cemetery in the mid 1800's and opened to the public during the Civil War, before it was bequeathed by Benjamin Parsons to St. Peter's Episcopal Church as a cemetery and considering the many reinterments from other cemeteries.  Trying to develop walking tours for such a large cemetery, 18 acres, with over 13,000 graves, where much known information is limited to what can be taken from the headstones, made this task hard but not impossible.  The Committee recognizes there are many resting in Parsons with amazing stories yet to be shared, so we will continue to expand these walking tours.  We encourage you to share your loved ones' history with us for the purpose of documenting our Cemetery Management Information System (CIMS) which has a genealogy capability.  We plan to make CIMS publicly available once we have it more fully populated.  Information shared with us, is first documented by our archivist and then forwarded to the Nabb Center for permanency.  

Now allow us to introduce the seven walking tours we have developed, or are in the process of being developed.  By using an electronic media to share these tours, we can share what we have now and readily add it as we learn more.  We have identified our tours as follows:

  • The 1800's:  Parsons Cemetery Historic Section Walking (Bus) Tour
  • Through the Centuries:  Continuing the Historic Walking Tour Throughout Parsons Cemetery
  • Parsons' Heroes and Veterans:  Parsons Cemetery's Military Walking Tour
  • Art, Culture, and Symbolism Through Periods of Prudence, Opulence, Wars, and Depression:  Parsons Cemetery's Interpretive Tour
  • The New Millennium:  Parsons Cemetery Today, Tomorrow, and Always
  • The History Mysteries:   Parsons Cemetery's Folklore,  Mysteries, Observations
  • Meet the Trees:  Parsons Cemetery's Tree and Garden Tour

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